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Welcome to the Arkansas Bearded Queen

Bearded Pageantry Inc is the owner of the America's Bearded Queen™ Pageant. The newest and most franchised Bearded Pageant for Bearded Queens!  They have 11 franchised preliminary pageants for 2022. Visit for more information Pageantry.

Arkansas Bearded Queen seeks to bring the prestige of America's Bearded Queen™ Pageantry system to Northeast Arkansas as an opportunity to represent the region at the National competition located in Dallas, TX as a registered direct preliminary as well as offering almost $2000 worth of prizes for our winners in each division and a handsome prize package for our 1st Alternates. For more information, please download the contestant packet below and contact your Arkansas Bearded Queen promoters with Envision Production Co., INC!

Arkansas Bearded Queen entail the identical categories of competition:
  • Creative Presentation

  • Personal Interview

  • On Stage Question

  • Creative Fashion

  • Talent Casual Interview

For a total of 100 points possible from each judge.

All category information and scoring information is available for download, in the promoters section of this website.